To The Front, in Falmouth, where brewer Simon Treen and his wife, Sarah, are revealing the new line-up of Treen’s Brewery beers after the initial launch of the Cuckoo and Cloud Cuckoo brews in 2016.

It was busy. By ‘eck it was busy. But then Treen’s has some following and The Front is buzzing at the quietest of times. Manager Matt Reay and three staff were kept on their toes as drinkers queued mostly for the five Treens beers on the bar.

Treen's at FrontCuckoo (4.3% ABV) is still with us, but now in the guise of Classic. It’s an amber bitter with berry fruit, light chocolate and some cereally malt notes. Easy drinking a traditional. Cloud Cuckoo (5.9%) retains its name and adds heft to the Cuckoo offer, with cherry and dark toffee coming through.

New to the line-up is Essential (3.8%), hoppy, golden and very sessionable, but well balanced with a pronounced plummy malt profile.

All five beers are terrific, but the other two can’t be separated for me, in terms of naming a favourite. Ruby IPA (5.3%) appeals to my love of red beers, with toffee notes and hints of autumnal red apple, while Resolve Stout is rich, dark, a bit nutty, with notes of berry fruit and even a bit of woodiness, smooth and luscious. I ended up alternating between the pair of them, like a two-timing bounder rushing between the bedrooms of unsuspecting dates in a Brian Rix farce.

If you’re reading this on Sunday, or even Monday, get down there. There may be some left.

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