The Tiny Rebel team are preparing to celebrate the brewery’s sixth anniversary next month in the only way they know how to — by creating new beers made by their own staff and in collaboration with other brewers.

In-house brews will comprise: a fruit soft drink-inspired sour ale, Cheeky V; a lychee and sea buckthorn session pale ale, Tai Chi; and a kegged honey, oat and banana wheat ale, named There’s Always Honey in the Banana Stand.

These beers are being created, respectively, by teams from the Cardiff bar, the Newport bar and the brewery bar.

On the collaboration side, there’s: a tea-infused English pale, Can’t We All Just Get Oolong, made with Moor Beer and the Canton Tea Company; Orange Mocha Frappe Stout, made with Fierce Beer; and a double IPA, Didgeridank, made with Siren Craft Brew.


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