Thornbridge Brewery has worked with the team behind the Peaky Blinders TV series to create a 5% ABV India Pale Ale called Shelby.

Thornbridge took its inspiration from the kind of beer styles that would have been around in 1919, at the time of the Peaky Blinders, and has created something it feels The Garrison would be proud to serve.

The official launch of Shelby will be at the new Thornbridge and Co pub, The Colmore, in the heart of Birmingham, on February 20. Thornbridge will also be bottling Shelby, which will be available next month.

Steve Knight, creator and writer of┬áPeaky Blinders, said: “Shelby beer is the first and only legitimate Peaky endorsed beer. It has been crafted to be the same brew the Peaky boys would have drunk in the pubs of Small Heath. It really is the authentic taste of the Peaky Blinders world. Cheers.”

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