Organic beer producer Stroud Brewery has announced it will have at least one vegan cask beer readily available to customers from now on.

Established in 2006, Stroud Brewery began bottling beers in 2008 and now has a regular range of six bottles, four cans and regularly changing keg beers that are organic and vegan friendly. These practices will now be rolled out to its organic cask ales, offering a different vegan ale every few weeks.

Brewery owner and managing director, Greg Pilley (pictured), said: “We are a 100% organic business and have always had organic and vegan-friendly bottled beers available to customers. As veganism sweeps the UK, and with the nation recognising the importance of sustainability issues, there is a growing demand for vegan products.

“As well as having clear biodiversity, health and social benefits, I have always believed that the organic standards are the perfect basis to produce high-quality products. All our packaged products are certified by the Vegan Society and we want to develop our business with integrity hence our commitment to offering vegan options now of our ales in cask.”

He added: “The Soil Association’s 2017 Organic Market Report reveals the UK organic market is now in its fifth year of strong growth and worth £2.09 billion. The total sales of organic products increased by 7.1% in 2016. Of course, vegan sales still have a way to go, but first and foremost it’s about educating the consumer about ethical practices and letting them know these products are readily available.”

With an annual turnover of just under £1 million, the company is also gearing up to build new premises later this year. The brewery will have additional brewing capacity, storage facilities and a new community-led bar. There will also be opportunities to invest in sustainable practices, such as rainwater capture and solar photo-voltaic panels.

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