Ora Brewing, in London, has collaborated with Brew York to create the second beer in its series celebrating Italian gelato.

Ora StracciatellaStracciatella is a gelato porter brewed with Madagascan vanilla and Italian cocoa, coming in at 5.1% ABV.

In Italy, Stracciatella is referred to as vanilla gelato with crunchy chocolate pieces on top or throughout the gelato. The idea is that chocolate hardens on contact, then freezes into delicate flakes within the gelato and literally melts in your mouth.

A spokesperson for Ora said: “The idea of this beer came out of a friendship with Brew York formed at the 2018 Craft Beer Rising festival over a love of great dark ales.

“We decided to bring you the most traditional of dark English ales, a porter, infused with creamy Madagascar vanillaand luscious Italian cocoa, reminiscent of Stracciatella gelato.

The beer is available in casks, KeyKegs and cans.

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