Stiegl alcohol freeWith demand growing for high-quality no- and low-alcohol beers, plus gluten-free options, Euroboozer has added a trio of brews to its portfolio from Austria’s Stiegl brewery.

The beers are: Freibier, an unfiltered, non-alcoholic lager; Grapefruit Radler, a 2% ABV brew; and Paracelsus Gluten Frei, a straw-coloured gluten-free beer coming in at 4.9% ABV.

Founder of Euroboozer, Martyn Railton, said: “In addition to its famous lagers, Stiegl’s award-winning and market-leading low-, no- and gluten-free beers are of immense quality, so it’s great to introduce them to the UK’s innovative and demanding on-trade.

“The category is seeing strong growth and, for the first time, generating real excitement, so we’re looking forward to showcasing this trio at Imbibe [July 2 and 3 at Olympia, London].”


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