St Peter’s Brewery has revealed that it has increased its export sales by 6% this year.

Managing director, John Hadingham, said: “Overall we’ve seen a 6% increase in export sales, with more new countries lined up on the horizon. Our products are becoming increasingly popular across Europe, but also further afield in Mexico, Canada, and Russia, among others.

“2019 has been a very exciting year; we’ve completely rebranded and brought new products to the market, in the form of White Raven, Stateside Pale Ale, Revival Pilsner and our Without Elderberry and Raspberry.

“That innovation, coupled with multiple award wins, has put St Peter’s Brewery in the spotlight with leading importers and helped us reach new markets.”

St Peter’s also introduced kegs for the first time this year, which have also been popular with foreign buyers

John added: “Interestingly, so many countries don’t sell British beer, so there are huge opportunities for brands with the right products and ethos.

“St Peter’s has a great story and lovely provenance, which sits very well with buyers. We look forward to increasing the export side of the business going forward.”

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