Who has been beer drinker of the year?

Andrew Griffiths MP

We’ve recently covered the announcement of Andrew Griffiths MP (left) asĀ All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group beer drinker of the year. It’s an honour bestowed on those who, in the group’s opinion, have done more than anyone else in the year to promote the cause of good beer and brewing industry.

But just because it’s a Parliamentary group award doesn’t mean that it’s always an MP who wins the gong. Here’s the full list, going back to 1994…


Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP 1994
Jack Charlton OBE 1995
Anna Chancellor 1996
John Lowe 1997
John Cryne 1998
Michael Parkinson OBE 1999
Edward Kelsey AKA Joe Grundy of the Archers 2000
Darren Gough 2001
HRH the Prince of Wales 2002
Lord Jones of Cheltenham 2003
Roger Protz 2004
Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP 2005
Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff 2006
Michel Roux 2007
Nick Hewer 2008
David and Robert Aynesworth 2009
John Grogan 2010
Sriram Aylur 2011
Peter Hendy OBE 2012
Rt Hon George Osborne MP 2013
Robert Humphreys MBE 2014
The Sun Newspaper 2015
Cathy Price (visited all the Red Lion pubs in the UK) 2016

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