French food pairings with Little Valley Brewery

Little Valley French food

To celebrate the start of the Tour de France, Little Valley Brewery has put together its top French food and beer pairings to enjoy throughout the race.

Appetiser: shrimp mousse with Little Valley Stage Winner

Launched in 2014 as a tribute to the first British Tour de France stage winner, Brian Robinson, Stage Winner is a light and refreshing pale ale with a malty texture. It balances perfectly with the richness of a mousse de crevetes.

Starter: baked Camembert with Little Valley Python IPA

A strong cheese needs a strong IPA to go with it. Aim for an IPA with a slight bitterness to perfectly balance the flavours.

Main course: beef Bourguignon with Little Valley Stoodley Stout, cassoulet with Moor Ale or moules marinières with Hebden’s Wheat

Rich meat dishes need a rich, dark beer to hold up against the strong flavours. Stouts balance well with the intense beef flavours in a Bourguignon, whereas a rich and smokey beer, such as Little Valley’s Moor Ale, are well suited to game dishes. Wheat beers are the go-to option for fish dishes as their light and refreshing flavours compliment fish and seafood so well. A wheat beer with a citrus finish would be the ideal match.

Dessert: crème brûlée with Little Valley Vanilla Porter

The sweetness of this classic French dessert demands a beer with a luscious edge. Little Valley’s Vanilla Porter is a good companion for most desserts, made with real vanilla pods and just the right amount of fruity undertones.

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