Solvay Society has met its stretch target of £10,000 in its pay it forward campaign, as well as being awarded £5,000 of match funding by the Mayor of London.

Solvay Society glass

The brewery met its initial £5,000 target within 24 hours when it launched the double-your-money pay it forward scheme in January.

It is now looking to collect the keys for the archway next door to its Leytonstone taproom this week, and to begin work on relocating the current Ilford brewery.

Founder and head brewer, Roman Hochuli, said: “We’re really happy to hit our target and so grateful to everyone who has supported us so far. With the money people have pledged, we’ll be able to fund the move, buy a new tank and upgrade the brewhouse so we can continue to churn out fantastic modern Belgian beer.”

Once completed, the project will expand the Leytonstone taproom into a brewpub, bringing the brewery to Leytonstone and putting the tanks and taps together for the first time.

Being awarded the Mayor Of London’s £5,000 grant will help towards the new flooring and canning line in the new brewpub.

You can still choose to pay it forward and get double your money behind the bar until the campaign closes on 26 February — visit


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