Siren Craft Brew today revives its popular limited-edition collection of chocolatey stouts: Caribbean Chocolate Cake.

Following its huge success in 2018, Siren has brought back the range, but with two new twists. The new concoctions are the result of months of experimentation with textures, flavours, and brewing techniques.

The journey of Caribbean Chocolate Cake goes back to 2013 when brewery founder, Darron Anley, was introduced to the idea of experimenting with wood in brewing, resulting in some intriguing textures and flavours. Feeling inspired and eager to try this out himself, Darron had a trio of cacao nibs, Cypress wood spirals, and new experimental hops imported to the brewery. The rest is history.

The finished products bellow notes of orange and dark chocolate, with hints of coconut, tamarind, lemon, coffee, and a whisper of vanilla wafer notes. The beers have a thick, creamy texture.

The beer is available in four variations: Nitro Caribbean Chocolate Cake, Caribbean Chocolate Pancake, Death by Caribbean Chocolate Cake, and Barrel Aged Caribbean Chocolate Cake. They will be available later today (20th November) at

The Caribbean Chocolate Cake range 2020

Nitro Caribbean Chocolate Cake (7.4% ABV)
Having dabbled with nitrogenation a lot this year, the brand is becoming a trailblazer in the world of nitro beers. Nitro beers are created by replacing the CO2 with nitrogen during the brewing process, resulting in creamy textures and improved head retention. Brewer’s notes: “Hand-roasted cacao nibs give hints of tamarind and soft lemon, along with a beautiful chocolate baseline. The malts provide coffee and roast notes in abundance, while the hop profile adds orange and coconut flavours. Spinning on Cypress wood is the icing on the cake. Pure canned indulgence.”

Caribbean Chocolate Pancake Stack (7.4% ABV)
Layering notes of maple syrup with wood to maximise the depth of flavour, Siren added a dash of smoked malt to work in tandem with the bourbon maple staves and elevate the sweetness. Brewer’s notes: “There is a sticky undertone which adds a delicate aroma akin to the impact you’d get from perfectly prepared streaky bacon. Out of this world liquid pleasure.”

Death By Caribbean Chocolate Cake (10.2% ABV)
Death by Caribbean Chocolate Cake comes at a walloping 10.5% ABV. Siren raises the stakes, throwing in more cacao nibs, more cacao husks, more lactose, and more wood, ramping it up to imperial strength. Brewer’s notes: “The Amburana wood gives the beer a spicy, fragrant twist, making it a unique drinking experience, unlike anything you have ever indulged in before.”

Barrel-Aged Caribbean Chocolate Cake (8.8% ABV)
Barrel-aged beers are something of an art, offering the subtlest of differences in tastes and textures. The base was brewed back in 2018, spun for 72 hours on cacao and Cypress prior to filling a mixture of Buffalo Trace bourbon and rye barrels, then spun again. Brewer’s notes: “Imagine spice, caramel, and oak warped into a beautifully matured beer. It ages better than fine wine.”


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