Craft beer is continuing to perform well, despite a crowded market, according to the new British Beer Report 2018, compiled by SIBA.

The market, in volume terms of members’ beers, was up 1.7% overall, compared to growth of only 0.7% in the overall beer market. The smallest breweries chalked up the largest growth rate at a healthy 22.5% on average.

In terms of confidence, despite a crowded market, 63% of brewers expected their sales to grow, and that translates into 820 jobs being created in the sector, while almost all invested in their breweries in 2017. On the international front, 20% of brewers reported exporting beer.

SIBA members brew around 506 million pints of beer last year and accounted for around 6.5% of the total UK beer market.

Arran Brewery’s managing director and SIBA director, Gerald Michaluk, said: “SIBA continues to see its membership grow. Its brewers are quality conscious, hard-working individuals, that are pulling more than their weight in terms of jobs created, export growth, and continue to invest in their plant, machinery and training.

“They are embedded in the community and contribute thousands a year to good causes — 25% of breweries raised over £1,000 for charity in 2017.

“I am proud to serve this group as a board member and, despite the challenging times ahead, like my fellow craft brewers, see a rewarding future in the independent craft brewing world.”

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