The pop-up hospitality industry has never been bigger, with pop-up dining increasing in popularity by 82%.

The benefits are clear for both sides. For customers, it’s the chance to experience something unique that may not be there the week after. For businesses, it enables them to test the waters and see if their business could be a success, while enabling them to move around at very little cost.

Shipping containers, says specialist Cleveland Containers, are proving popular among pop-up bar owners and can also be an ideal solution for bars undergoing renovations.

Pub chain Wetherspoon turned to shipping containers while its Bridgend pub was being refurbished. It created a pop-up bar in the beer garden in the form of a container until the refurbishment was complete.

A Cleveland spokesperson said: “The strength and durability of containers means that products are well protected and break-ins are near impossible.

“The versatility of shipping containers means that there is a growing trend for them outside their traditional use as a storage facility. With an increasing number of bars, restaurants, food stalls and more being housed inside containers, it seems likely that this will soon stop becoming a growing trend and become a permanent, popular choice within the pop-up hospitality industry.”


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