Somerset’s Sheppy’s Cider is celebrating multiple gold medal success at the International Cider Awards.

Sheppy’s took a clean sweep for:

  • 200 Special Edition, in the tannic cider category. Celebrating 200 years and six generations of cider making, this is made from a blend of the finest traditional cider apples. It was also recently voted cider of the year by the Stable bar and restaurants chain.
  • Classic Draught, in the modern cider category. A famous classic draught cider made with a carefully selected blend of Somerset’s finest traditional cider and dessert apples.
  • Low Alcohol Classic Cider, in the low-alcohol category. A beautifully light and crisp low-alcohol cider, with a refreshing apple taste. The cider delivers the same flavour profile as traditional cider, but with less alcohol.

The accolades are of particular importance to Sheppy’s as they are the modern equivalent of the awards sixth generation and current Master of Cider David Sheppy’s grandfather won in the 1930s, which started Sheppy’s on its road to becoming one of the most distinguished cider makers in the country.

Sheppy said: “We are beyond thrilled to have won three gold medals across three categories. The success has a particular resonance with me having followed in my grandfather Stanley’s footsteps. He crafted the early prototype of our Gold Medal cider, which won two gold awards at an earlier version of the same awards in the 1930s.

“My family has been making premium cider for over 200 years and we are incredibly proud of our heritage and the skills we pass from generation to generation, which are at the heart of everything Sheppy’s does. It’s fantastic for Sheppy’s to have been recognised at this level again!”

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