Sharp's Sunset Red

Sharp’s Brewery has launched the fifth of 2019’s limited edition beers, Sunset Red, first brewed in 2012 as Autumn Red.

The brewing team has updated the original recipe with hops that impart seasonal fruit flavours, reminiscent of autumn hedgerows.

A deep ruby colour, the 4.2% ABV full-bodied red ale has an aroma of caramel notes mixed with dark fruits.

Autumn Red follows Six Hop IPA, which was re-released in July, and Manu Bay, which was brought back in May.

Ed Hughes, Sharp’s resident beer sommelier, said: “Sunset Red has a wonderfully fruity, full-bodied flavour, with a good balance of caramel notes from the malt and prominent dark fruit/hedgerow notes from the hops. 

“It is perfect for pairing with darker roast meats or the wonderful hearty autumnal veg that appears during these slightly cooler months.”

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