Sharp’s Brewery is working with Nick Mulvey to make music that will protect British coastlines from plastic pollution and help reduce single plastic usage.

The Cornish brewery and Mercury Music Prize nominee have released the first track pressed onto a record made from recycled plastic, which has been washed up on Cornish beaches. It is titled In The Anthropocene.

Nick said: “Lyrically, the song explores themes of responsibility and freedom in this time of urgent ecological and social crisis (and opportunity), AKA ‘the anthropocene’.”

Proceeds from the track, including from sales of the limited-edition record and digital streams, will go to Surfers Against Sewage to help protect British coastlines from pollution, including plastic waste. 

The launch of this innovative new ‘ocean vinyl’ comes after last year’s signing of Keynvor, the musical artist’s name given to the Atlantic Ocean, by Universal Music. 

The music industry is challenged with sustainability issues, from tackling single-use plastic cups at gig venues to unsustainable vinyl production practices. The new campaign from Sharp’s Brewery and the first playable track made from recycled ocean plastic collected from the Cornish coast, aims to give music lovers the chance to own something that’s made out of single use plastic, that they’ll treasure forever.  

‘I’ve always loved the wildness of the Cornish coast and it feeds something deep in me every time I’m there’

James Nicholls, marketing controller at Sharp’s Brewery, said: “Cornish culture is built around the ocean, whether that’s seafood, surfing, or even our own Atlantic Ale. Last year, we helped the ocean enter the charts, under Keynvor, which means ‘ocean’ in the Cornish language.

“I’m excited to say that today we’re really turning the tables on the music industry by releasing In The Anthropocene, with Nick Mulvey, by upcycling single-use plastic found on our beaches and turning it into playable ‘ocean vinyl’.”

Nick Mulvey added: “I’ve always loved the wildness of the Cornish coast and it feeds something deep in me every time I’m there. My music is about knowing who — or what — we are, right at the core. Aliveness itself, conscious. These times of urgent global crisis are demanding we re-examine ourselves and the world and raise ourselves to match the Earth, this wonder-organism from which we are not, and never have been, separate.”

Hugo Tagholm, chief executive of Surfers Against Sewage said: “We are excited to be partnering with Sharp’s Brewery again to raise vital funds to protect our coastlines from plastic pollution and other environmental hazards.

“Keynvor, as a musical artist, and the new ‘ocean vinyl’, which uses plastic pollution and turns it into something positive, is a powerful way to help us raise money and continue to spread our message.”

To purchase Nick Mulvey’s In The Anthropocenevisit Drift Records in store, or online at, to pick up a unique limited-edition record with exclusive edits of the tracks, or stream the full tracks on digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple music.

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