Nineties trip-hop band Morcheeba (pictured) brought their live beats to Sharp’s Brewery’s exclusive Doom Bar Session at the weekend.

The intimate VIP gig took place aboard the Jubilee Queen, transporting music and beer fans from Padstow harbour, across the Doom Bar sandbank, and back again.

Passengers enjoyed a full set of Morcheeba’s tunes live, including Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day and The Sea, which was fitting given the unique setting of the gig. The band also performed hits from their latest studio album, Blaze Away, which was released in June 2018.

Guests, including Sharp’s customers and competition winners, enjoyed food from Fee’s Food, which was accompanied by Sharp’s Brewery’s portfolio beers.

‘We want to give people the chance to relax and enjoy some quality tunes’

Sharp’s marketing controller, James Nicholls, said: “We honestly could not have wished for a more fantastic evening. It was a perfect end-of-summer night, full of electronic vibes out on the Doom Bar, and everyone was on top form.

“With these unique and intimate gigs out on the water, we want to give people a chance to relax and enjoy some quality tunes while taking in the amazing coastline that inspires us all every day, enjoying a beer or two.

“This particular session was a private one which we invited guests to, including our customers and competition winners, but we have had numerous sessions that have been open to the public, and we look forward to offering more of these in 2020, with some fantastic acts.”

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