Sharp’s Brewery is known to be a fan of collaborative work, but this time it’s taken it as far as possible and formed an epic Cornwall/Kiwi partnership.

Sharp’s Andrew Madden collaborated last year with New Zealand-based brewer Galbraith’s to create the delicious, limited-edition golden pale ale, Manu Bay, which takes its name from a popular Kiwi surfing break. And to celebrate the brewery’s 25th year, the team is bringing this limited-edition brew back for a short time.

Throughout 2019, Sharp’s is going to be releasing five limited release seasonal specific brews that put a twist on traditional recipes. By revisiting memorable recipes, Sharp’s is brewing an exciting portfolio, tailored to suit each season. Manu Bay is the second in the limited-edition range for 2019, after red ale Rising Tide was released in March.

A golden ale with a crushed citrus aroma, Manu Bay offers a light malty taste with moderate bitterness and fresh fruity flavours, perfect for a Cornish summer and pairing wonderfully with a variety of seasonal dishes, such as calamari or Caesar salads.

Prior to joining the Sharp’s team in Rock, Andrew Madden spent six years in Auckland, New Zealand, where he was inspired by leading cask ale brewer Keith Galbraith, whose operation is also based in the city. The new beer takes its name from one of the most popular surfing breaks in New Zealand.

Dynamic brewing team

James Nicholls, senior brand manager at Sharp’s Brewery, said: “For our 25th anniversary, we wanted to revisit some of our most popular seasonal beers and harness the creativity of our young, dynamic brewing team.

“This ale was brewed by Andrew Madden, as a tribute to his time spent in New Zealand developing his brewing skills. Manu Bay is the perfect summer drink, full of vibrant citrus flavours to complement light summer meals out in the sun.”

Madden said: “After spending six years in Auckland, New Zealand, I discovered a love for New Zealand hops and I met some truly inspirational brewers. Manu Bay is the result of combining Sharp’s Brewery’s finest brewing techniques with the expertise of the impressive Galbraith’s team. We’re very excited to bring this unique golden ale back to Sharp’s customers across the UK.”

Ed Hughes, beer sommelier at Sharp’s Brewery, added: “With the nicer weather upon us, Manu Bay is a perfectly refreshing beer to enjoy on a warm day. With crisp citrus notes and a golden appearance, this beer pairs perfectly with lighter summer dishes.”

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