Scots are drinking more English ales than home brewed products, according to the latest Nielsen research, but the gap is closing year on year.

The off-sales ale market in Scotland has increased from £44m in 2016 to £49m in 2017 — that’s 11.4% growth.

According to Nielsen, of the top 15 brands by value, English-made ales outsell Scottish-made ones. English-made beer accounted for around £15m, against Scotland’s £11m, in 2016. This gap shrunk in 2017, with Scottish-made ales sales growing to £13m, while the English fell back to £14m.

The top 15 brands made in Scotland come from only six brewers: the Arran Brewery,  Belhaven, BrewDog, Innis and Gunn, Tennents and Williams Brothers.

Gerald Michaluk, from the Arran Brewery, said: “It will not be long before more Scottish made ale is consumed in Scotland than those from anywhere else. This is good news in terms of lowering beer miles — the distance beer is moved before consumption — and we really should all enjoy more of the wonderful ales made in Scotland.”

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