Saxon Packaging has devised a mail order solution for craft beer brewer the London Beer Factory.

Brewery managing director, Sim Cotton, said: “We had spent a couple of months working with another packaging producer, trying to create a beautiful looking presentation box at an affordable price, however we couldn’t make it work.”

Sim required a sustainable pack that could be used to ship 12 bottles of premium craft beer from the brewery, in South East London, to customers across the UK.

Wayne Bennett, Saxon’s internal sales co-ordinator, worked closely with Sim to create a pack that was to be digitally printed both inside and outside. Digital printing uses a four-colour print process, with cyan, yellow, magenta, and black, and provides high-quality print detail with no origination costs — a great solution when high-quality print is required with lower order requirements.

The purple base with an electric marble layer has resulted in eye-catching, memorable beer packaging. As it would have to perform in varying conditions during transit, such as load, stacking, and refrigeration, EB Flute was the most suitable because of its strength and its ability to offer more protection for the products inside. The design was enhanced with the inclusion of internal fittings, ensuring the contents are protected.

Sim said: “As soon as we started speaking to Saxon, and Wayne in particular, I knew that we were going to get what we wanted. The results speak for themselves. We’re really pleased with the final product, and we’ve had great feedback from our customers.”

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