Durham based S43 is getting creative after confectionary giant Mars began legal proceedings in response to the brewer taking inspiration from one of its products, the Snickers bar.

S43 v Mars

Incorporating the flavours and ingredients found in chocolate and nut bars, S43 released a limited run of its imperial chocolate fudge stout, naming it You’re Not You When You’re Thirsty.

The stout sold out within 48 hours and has received widespread praise from industry big names. Unfortunately, the brewery, which isn’t in a position to take legal action, will be taking down the imagery and any reference to the drink on its website and social media, however it is keen to ensure its fastest ever selling product isn’t forgotten in a hurry

Marketing manager, Alex Clark, said: “It has been one of the fastest-selling brews in our history and we don’t want the hard work of the brewery team to be forgotten, which is why we’ll be referencing it as The One We Can’t Talk About moving forward.”

After a lot of internal discussions, the brewery has decided to re-release the limited-run drink, with the new can design and slight tweak to the original recipe.

Alex added: “We, of course, completely respect the effort and time Mars has put into building their brand. The creation of this brew was simply to pay homage to one of the brewery’s favourite snacks, using flavours synonymous with the Snickers bar.”

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