S43 has launched another two new craft beers as part of its brand evolution and diversification plans for the the UK craft beer market.

Fat White and Big Dank complement two existing new-style beers, GoGo Juice and Get Snozzed. The beers are currently limited runs.

Fat White is a flavour-packed Milkshake IPA with an ABV of 6%. It starts off sweet, creamy and juicy, with a punchy mango tropical taste and a hint of pine, then finishes with lots of juicy hop flavours. The addition of oats, lactose and aged vanilla beans gives the beer its creamy texture.

Big Dank (7% ABV) is a hazy IPA with waves of tropical, passion fruit, orange, and grapefruit flavours, with distinct pine and dank notes. Showcasing Citra, it is also hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo.

Both beers are vegetarian friendly and Big Dank is also vegan friendly.

S43 managing director, Mark Hird, said: “We are excited to be offering our next two flavour-forward beers into the market. GoGo Juice and Get Snozzed have been very well received, and we are looking to continue to produce exceptional beers that are creative and give our beer drinkers new taste sensations.

“We are still producing our cask offering alongside these new beers, and believe that we are catering across the board for the craft beer drinkers.”

Brewer, Alex Rattray, added: “I am trying to push the creative boundaries with each new beer we are producing, as well as listening to the consumers: what flavours they like, the styles of beers they are really excited about and wanting to experience.

“Brewing beers that people love is the whole point, but I also want to be adventurous with the profiles of beers we are producing, and always be
experimenting. I have enjoyed meeting fellow brewers and swopping notes and techniques and am looking forward to working on some collaborations in the future.”

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