St Austell Ruby Jack

Named after Cornish heavyweight boxer Robert James Fitzsimmons, Ruby Jack red ale is the latest addition to the St Austell Brewery ale range.

St Austell Ruby JackWeighing in at 4.6% ABV, it packs a punch worthy of the man listed at number eight in Ring Magazine’s all-time top 100 biggest hitters, says the brewer.

Born in Helston, Cornwall, in 1863, Bob Fitzsimmons made boxing history as the sport’s first three-division world champion, picking up the middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight titles in a professional career that
spanned at least three decades.

It included famous victories against the likes of Gentleman Jim Corbett, the original Jack Dempsey, and Tom Sharkey, the latter bout being refereed by none other than former lawman Wyatt Earp himself.

Ruby Jack beer has a complex blend of rich toasted malt flavours balanced with fruity, spicey hops. The name appropriately combines the different elements of Fitzsimmons’ life: his boxing nickname, Ruby, denoting his distinctive red hair, and Jack as a nod to his emigration to New Zealand in 1873. Cornish emigrants of the industrial age diaspora are known by the term Cousin Jack. He later made his ultimate move to America to pursue his professional boxing career.

Available now in keg and distinctive 500ml bottles, the brewery suggests trying Ruby Jack with a rich fruit cake, or do as the Cornish do and have it with saffron cake. For savoury lovers, it goes down a treat with a hearty
pub classic like cottage pie or steak and ale pie.