Robinsons Beardo Mojo

Robinsons Brewery has created two new bottled brews to address demand for craft beers in supermarkets and to celebrate its 18% like-for-like growth in the off-trade.

Beardo (6% ABV) is a full-bodied golden IPA, while Mojo (5.5%) is a straw-coloured, tropical pale ale.

Kate Flanagan, Robinsons’ off-trade an export sales manager, said: “As the craft beer revolution continues to thrive and evolve, bringing with it new waves of flavours, supermarkets are expanding their craft beer ranges.

“This provides a great opportunity for Robinsons to tap into a new type of discerning, younger drinker, who is attracted to craft bottled beer, thirsty for choice, and open to innovation and change.

“This is not about launching permanent products. It’s about listening to what customers want and adapting our portfolio accordingly. Beardo and Mojo are vastly more liberal, daring and creative than some of our previous brands and we hope this shift will keep our range fresh and exciting.”

Robinsons have taken inspiration from the names of two popular seasonal ales — 2015’s Mojo and 2016’s Beerdo — and bottled them for the off-trade and export markets. This means last orders for Steam Lager and 9 Hop IPA.

The two new beers have already received listings from “several key supermarkets”, with Morrisons, the Co-Op, Asda, and Bargain Booze all committed to stock in more than 1,300 stores across the UK.

Ben Robinson, Robinsons’ director of sales, said: “The continued growth of our off-trade division is representative of the rise in popularity of craft beer in the UK, which is now worth £420m. This demand is helping Robinsons to branch out into new markets and share our brewing passion with the next generation of craft beer drinkers around the UK, and indeed the world.

“And most importantly, we’re having a great time doing it. Beardo and Mojo have allowed us to have some real fun with our state-of-the-art brewhouse and explore some new styles that Robinsons aren’t synonymous with. It’s an exciting time for Robinsons and for British craft beer.”

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