Woodman’s Wild Ale

Kea PorterLa Vie en RoseQueenieRedruth Red • Rye Ruby Red • Sweet and Dandy

Kea Porter (5.2% ABV, cask)
My (and several other people’s) favourite Woodman’s beer, this is made with the unique Kea variety of plum which grows in just one plot, outside of Truro. The beer spends two months in fermentation, on top of the plums. The results is a slightly tart but not sour brew with bright plum notes against a deep porter backcloth. A very good beer. (11-03-2017)

La Vie en Rose (5% ABV, cask)
Hazy, light amber with a slightly off-white head, this is a very enjoyable, well-balanced saison-style brew with fragrant floral notes, as the name suggests. Against a light malt background, with a bit of a syrupy sweetness, there are spicy and tart notes, but nothing too sour, and strawberry is notable, too. (20-04-2017)

Queenie (8% ABV, cask)
A rich, hazy, amber / red in colour, this essentially tastes like liquid roffee apple. The sweetness is countered apple fruitiness and hints of raisins. There’s a woody note, too. Pretty good. (11-03-2017)

Redruth Red (7% ABV, cask)
An enticing red beer with the sort of sourness that won’t challenge the novice. The aroma is woody and a little medicinal, with some hint of fig. The taste is all about ripe fruit on a woodland floor. Rich and vital, with cherry and berry fruit flavours. Another Woodman triumph. (26-08-2017)

Rye Ruby Red (5% ABV, cask)
Deep amber — unfined, but not that hazy — with lovely rich rye notes on the malt side. There are spicy notes, damson fruit and gentle bitterness. A good brew, smooth and easy drinking. (10-05-2017)

Sweet and Dandy (4.8% ABV, cask)
Absolutely black with a beige head, this is served as a nitro beer. Smooth and creamy, it has a lovely mouthfeel. Fruity and inviting, it has a herbal note running through it. Wild foraged Guinness? (20-04-2017)

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