Windswept Brewing Co

APABlondeTornadoTyphoon Amarillo IPAWeizen

APA (5% ABV, bottle)
Possibly the most lacklustre of the Windswept bottles I have tasted, this pale ale has a pungent, musty aroma. There’s a very light, grassy hop flavour with decent malt, but not much in the way of distinctive flavour. (05-09-2016)

Blonde (4% ABV, bottle)
A very well made session bitter, featuring piney, citrus hops balanced with light biscuit malt. Possibly a note of samphire on the aroma. (26-08-2016)

Tornado (6.7% ABV, bottle)
Lemon and orange pith flavours come through from the hops in this robust IPA. There’s a huge hit of dry-hopped Citra as you get close to the beer, which culminates in a bittersweet finish. That’s really nice. (04-08-2016)

Typhoon Amarillo IPA (6.2% ABV, bottle)
A well balanced IPA, resinous and piney in terms of hops, with pineapple notes, and good malt in support. Golden with a white head, the beer hasa long, bitter finish. (05-09-2016)

Weizen (5.2% ABV, bottle)
We like this a lot — described as a “very happy drink” by one of my friends. Golden with a white head, the beer has a bubblegum aroma. On the palate there’s a banana flavour, as might be expected, but also banoffee and those old rhubarb and custard sweets. Delicious. (22-09-2016)

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