Verdant Brewing Co

Bloom • Chasing Kevin • Even Sharks Need Water • High Level Kink • Little Ramps • Roy, I Want a Hilux

Bloom (6.5% ABV, keg)
Hop heaven, beautifully well done — Mosaic and Columbus hops with a “stripped down malt bill”. Hazy light golden with a white head, the aroma is pine and juicy mango with a slight mustiness. On the palate, it’s all about juicy refreshment with initial tropical flavours giving way to a pithier fruit note with hints of spice. Sponge cake-like malt adds sweetness. On the finish, there’s bitter hop oil with malt adding balance. The hops give a clean taste akin to brushing one’s teeth with a very minty toothpaste. (01-01-2017)

Chasing Kevin (5.4% ABV, can)
Yeast notes to the fore in the well balanced brew. It’s a really murky gold / amber in colour. There are resinous, piney hop flavours, but the esters from the yeast keep fruit bitterness in check. I’m sure I can taste a note of bergamot in there. (10-06-2017)

Even Sharks Need Water (7% ABV, can)
Hazy yellow with a white head, this is a very full, American style IPA, resinous, herbal and spicy with a lovely yeast profile. There’s mango and pineapple in the fruit mix. (10-06-2017)

High Level Kink (4.8% ABV, keg)
Hazy golden with a white head, this is a lovely session beer, definitely one for a sunny summer afternoon. Gentle stone fruit and pineapple flavours, with a little coming through on the finish. (10-06-2017)

Little Ramps (5.5% ABV, keg)
Amber red in colour, this has the feel of a well-hopped Irish red. Big red apple flavour dominate with some toffee from the malt, but there are spicy notes, too, with some dried fruit coming through, too. Right up my street. (22-12-2016)

Roy, I Want a Hilux (5.5% ABV, can)
A can on Christmas Day, and what a lovely treat this well-crafted thirst-quencher was. Hazy light amber with a white head, there’s a big aroma of juicy tropical fruit, reminiscent of a penny fruit salad chew. The palate is big and juicy with more tropical fruit, orange pith and mango, against a light malt backdrop, leading to a finish that’s not as bitter as you might expect. (25-12-2016)

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