Twice Brewed

Sycamore Gap (4.1% ABV, bottle)
Straw with a white head and good carbonation, this has gentle resinous, grassy hop notes on the nose. On the palate, lemon comes through, with light biscuit malt balancing. The lemon zing carries through on to the finish, which is bittersweet. A refreshing, uncomplicated session brew, with good malt notes. (26-06-2018)

Twice Brewed: Ale Caesar (4.3% ABV, bottle)
Light side of amber, with a slightly off-white head that lasts well. Lovely malty aroma on this, a bit spicy, offering a suggestion of rye or Vienna malt. On the palate, it’s malty, but still quite light, with a lemon citrus edge. The malt is quite cakey, like a light sponge, allowing the hops to shine through. A little buttery on the finish, which lets it down a little, but a good quaffer, all the same. (26-06-2018)

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