Stannary Brewing Co

Batch #8 Pale AleBlondeBramling Cross BitterPeppercorn Porter

Batch #8 Pale Ale (4.5% ABV, bottle)
Cloudy yellow with a white head, there’s a gorgeous hedgerow aroma to this beer, which continues onto the palate. Zingy hops give a flavour reminiscent of Love Hearts sweets. (26-08-2016)

Blonde (4.5% ABV, bottle)
It’s an innocuous name, but this mid-strength, hazy straw coloured beer deserved some respect. It’s citrus notes may be too tart for some, but I settled into it and found it very refreshing, in bottle, straight from the fridge. (26-08-2016)

Bramling Cross Bitter (5.4% ABV, bottle)
A deep dark amber colour, this bottled beer has loads or carbonation — arguably too much — but carries through that berry fruit note one can get from the Bramling Cross hop very well, against a toasty malt background. There’s a hint of fruit on the finish. Fine beer, but slightly offputting chemical note in the aroma. (02-09-2016)

Peppercorn Porter (5.5% ABV, bottle)
A sweetish porter with, as you might expect, quite a hit of peppercorn. Would work well in a meat pie, I suspect. “I’d rather cook with it than drink it,” said my friend, Gill. (26-08-2016)

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