Cornish Copper • Hops ‘n’ HoneyPorthlevenPennycomequick

Cornish Copper (3.6% ABV, cask)
Plenty of flavour in this very sessionable seasonal beer which is, yes, copper in colour. Easy drinking, it offers a good balance of caramel malt flavours and light berry fruit.

Hops ‘n’ Honey (4% ABV, cask)
This is the way to do honey beer, Lovely subtlety, light sweetness and a good, grassy hop character. Light honey on the nose. Hopped with Aurora, Celeia and Northdown. (26-03-2016)

Porthleven (4.8% ABV, cask)
Birght golden in colour, citrus lemon notes dominate on this premium bitter. With some sherbet flavour, too, malt comes through later on the palate. Then, there’s a really goo, long, bitter finish. (28-03-2015)

Pennycomequick (4.5% ABV, cask)
It’s that time of the year that a lot of us look forward to down here in Cornwall. The oysters are going on menus, which means that Skinner’s Pennycomequick stout is back.

Skinner's PennycomequickAs stouts go, it’s not the most stout of stouts, but at 4.5% ABV it packs a great flavour punch. I enjoyed my first of the season (the beer is produced twice a year — in autumn and in spring, both ends of the Fal oyster season) at the Old Ale House, Skinner’s Truro brewery tap, this week. And it was lovely as ever. It has a smooth, creamy body, reminiscent of a higher-ABV brew, with roast malt notes, of course, but also light coffee, vanilla and Swiss milk chocolate (not our fatty British stuff). There’s gentle bitterness on the finish and an aroma of chocolate mousse.

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