Shiny Brewing

Affinity (4.6% ABV, cask)
‘Hoppy’ it says on the pumpclip, and by heck it is. Deep gold, with a white head that doesn’t last very long, there’s a herbal, spicy aroma. On the palate, there’s tart citrus — lemon and grapefruit — balanced with the sweet notes of a Rowntree’s Fruit Pastille. The finish is long and bitter. Just a half was enough for me, but I did appreciate the quality. (25-01-2017)

Happy People (4.2% ABV, cask)
See what they’ve done with that name?! Deep gold and crystal clear with a white head, this has a grassy aroma with orange pith and a bit of grapefruit. On the palate, resinous hop comes through and there’s a hint of fruit salad chew and orange, with caramel malt in the background. The finish is bitter with a little smokey harshness. Enjoyed this. (18-01-2017)

Interface IPA (5.9% ABV, cask)
There’s a big, fresh, citrus lemon aroma on this IPA, with a white head that dissipates quite quickly. On the palate, the citrus notes are more subdued and more grapefruity, while there’s juicy malt keeping the bitterness in check. The finish is quite bitter, though, with grassy notes coming through.

Pail (4% ABV, cask)
This beer was on my bucket list. Bright golden with a white head, it offers a herbal, slightly soapy aroma. There are big hop flavours — zingy lemon and lime citrus that last right through to the finish. There’s light biscuit malt in the background and resinous hop hints, too. (30-06-2016)

Rocky (4.1% ABV, cask)
A light golden, hoppy brew, which Shiny do so well. Grassy, floral hops on the nose lead to fresh lemon citrus on the palate, balanced nicely by light biscuit malt. There’s a gentle, fruity, bitter finish. (10-06-2019)

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