Salcombe Brewery Co

Devon Amber (3.8% ABV)
Crystal clear light amber with a slightly off-white head that stays quite well. There’s a lovely nose straight from the bottle, malty, but a little nutty, too. It’s very malt-led in the West Country tradition, but there’s a freshness and crispness that suggests modern hops which contributes to the bitterness, building nicely on the finish. The malt notes are rich caramel, with a lovely body offering a slightly grainy mouthfeel. This is really nicely done — a definite crowdpleaser for traditionalists or more modern drinkers. (27-08-2018)

Gold (4.2% ABV, bottle)
It is the end of a busy day. Well, 8pm anyway. There are a few more keys to be tapped on the keyboard yet. My bottle of Salcombe Brewery Gold proclaims itself “a refreshing hoppy ale”. Sometimes that’s all the build-up you need. No mistaking hops on the nose, floral, fragrant, slightly spicy. On the palate comes some malt balance, light and biscuity, but it’s a brief interlude before a delightful zesty bitter finish begins. Lemon pith, stone fruit notes make themselves known, a little honeydew melon. Yes, that’s hit the spot. 330ml of refreshment, the rays of sunset piercing the glass. Alas, just the one bottle… (21-08-18)

Island Street Porter (5.9% ABV, bottle)
Salcombe Island Street PorterThe aroma on this is more herbal than I expected, but there’s also a rich, vinous background. It’s dark with a red tinge when held up to the light, with an off-white head that stays pretty well. On the palate, though, that herbal note turns into a black cherry flavour — very Black Forest gateau when you take accompanying coffee and bitter dark chocolate notes into consideration. The more sips I take, the more this grows. By the end, I’m disappointed I only have one bottle! (16-01-2019)

Lifesaver (4.8% ABV, bottle)
Nice deep amber colour with an off-white head. Smells malty with an orange edge. Lovely fresh, traditional best bitter style beer, robust and rich, with orange pith notes, even a hint of strawberry. There good bitterness on the finish. Easy drinking and very satisfying. During 2019, sales of the beer will help the RNLI. (27-08-2018)

Seahorse (4.4% ABV, bottle)
Amber with an off-white head that doesn’t last too long. The aroma’s of spicy hedgerow hop, with a light biscuit malt background. On the palate it’s well balanced, with a nice spicy hop edge. This helps to build a good bitter finish which lasts quite well. (27-08-2018)

Shingle Bay (4.2% ABV, bottle)
Crystal clear, deep golden, with a white head. On the aroma there’s some spice, berry fruit and light sweetness. Tastes reminiscent of a traditional light ale, with biscuit malt and a good hop bite, lemon pith, hints of blood orange and some spice. Crisp and refreshing, and very sessionable. (26-08-2018)

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