Pirate Life Brewing

Pirate Life can


IPA (6.8% ABV)
An inviting amber colour with an off-white head that stays well. The aroma is of grassy, spicy hop, and it hits you as soon as you open the can. There’s a touch of bready sweetness on the nose, too. Good body. On the palate, there’s of stone fruit (apricot and mango) and lime, and some good spiciness that builds well, as well as some dank hop notes. There’s plenty of rasping bitterness, but there is malt sweetness, too, although the bitterness charges on into the good-length finish. This is a great IPA that is more balanced than I may have conveyed here. Would happily keep some of these cans in stock. (09-04-2017)

IIPA (8.8% ABV, can)
Hazy golden / amber with a slightly off-white, big, foaming head, this easy-drinking, flavourful double IPA is highly recommended. Te aroma is mainly stone fruit — peach and mango — with a resinous, piney edge. On the palate, there’s a big hit of that stone fruit flavour and, oddly, a little strawberry. The bitterness really builds and stays on the finish where tart fruit comes through. This is a beefy double IPA in terms of bitterness, but is quite light in body. (09-04-2017)

Pale Ale (5.4% ABV, can)
A good British-style pale ale with an Antipodean twist, but I’m finding it a bit thin in body. Light amber with an off-white head, it;s very lively out of the can. Quite a bit of malt sweetness on the aroma, with some orange pith. On the palate, it’s well balanced. There’s bready malt with a little date sweetness, then plum and orange pith flavours give the balance. The finish is bittersweet. (09-04-2017)

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