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Ale Connor (4.5% ABV, cask)
Golden with a white head, this mid-strength bitter has bee hopped with Pacifica and Amarillo. The aroma’s a bit dank and resinous, with spicy, slightly perfumed notes. On the palate, light malt — like an apple sponge — is balanced against tart, dry fruit — lychee, honeydew melon and a bit of gooseberry. The finish is dry with tart fruit. Another great Penzance beer. (24-08-2016)

American Pale Ale (5.7% ABV, cask)
A golden beer with a white head and smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel. Resinous hops are at the forefront on the palate, while juicy, caramelish malt balances.

Brisons Bitter (4.5% ABV, cask)
Chocolate notes waft on the aroma of this copper coloured best bitter as you draw it close. Fruity hops (plums, Christmas cake) are balanced with biscuity malt and there are definite chocolate notes in there as well as some candy sweetness. A lingering bitter finish has a touch of sulphur. Pronounce it ‘Brizzens’, by the way, in the brewery tap, The Star, rather than ‘Brysons’ otherwise it’s 10p more! (09-02-2017)

Crows-an-Wra (4.3% ABV, cask)
Golden with a white head, there are sherbet notes on the palate of this well-balanced bitter. Quenching juicy malt balances the hops, and there’s a long bitter finish. (03-04-2015)

Crystal (5.5% ABV, cask)
Light golden with a white head, this is another of those strong, yet deceptively drinkable Penzance beers. A little sweet than some of the others, Crystal (named after a hop variety) gives lemon pith, tangerine, tropical fruits, herbal notes and even a hint of blackcurrant, balanced with biscuit malt and some rich toffee notes. The sweetness drops away on the finish. (23-09-2017)

Fortytude (5% ABV, cask)
Ruby / amber, with a slightly off-white head, this very well made best bitter was brewed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Cornwall branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA Kernow) and named by brewer Pete Elvin’s partner, Tracey. It’s easy drinking but, as with so many of Pete’s beers, has an intriguing complexity. There’s the roast malt, chocolate and caramel one would expect from the style, but also delicious hints of berry fruit and vanilla. That berry fruit flavour carries through to a satisfying bitter finish. (23-09-2017)

Hoptimystic (4.7% ABV, cask)
In my opinion, a surprise hit. I would have thought a single-hop Sorachi Ace beer would have been a bit Marmite, but drinkers have really taken this to their hearts. Golden with a white head, it’s light and fragrant with lemongrass, lychee and coconut notes. Very drinkable and very moreish. (22-1-2016)

IPA (6% ABV, cask)
Penzance Brewing IPAThis is my favourite beer. Ever. Okay, I’m biased. It’s made by a friend and it’s on tap, usually, once a month or so in my local. But even so, it’s a damn fine British-style IPA, light amber in colour with a white lead. The good, full body offers tart orange citrus notes, with some pith taste as well, balanced with biscuity malt. It’s far too drinkable, and I’m afraid I’ve fallen into the trap of trying to session it several times. Make sure you try it if you’re in the Star, Crowlas, when it’s on.

Lodestar (4.2% ABV, cask)
A continental-style golden beer made with lager malt and Sovereign and Perle hops. Resinous and lemon pith hop notes, with a hint of orange, balance with biscuit malt. Quite dry on the finish. (12-11-2016)

Mello (5.5% ABV, cask)
Another cracker of a beer, as the name suggests, immaculately smooth and well balanced, and beautifully drinkable for its above-session strength. Very deep golden with a white head, there’s a great background of biscuit malt. Orange citrus notes dominate, with some grapefruit and lemon curd, and there are lovely hop oil notes. There’s a herbal flavour, too — tarragon, perhaps? The aroma is of grassy hop with light biscuit malt. (03-01-2017)

Mild (3.6% ABV, cask)
A proper old-fashioned mild, not too dark, more red/deep brown, with an off-white head that stays well. The aroma is chocolate and nuts, while on the palate dark dried fruit, cherry and plum combine with milk chocolate. There is slight bitterness, then sweetness on the finish. Bags of flavour for its ABV. (22-06-2016)

Pale Ale (4.5% ABV, cask)
Orange pith and a hint of sulphur on this golden beer, which pours with a white head. Smooth and full bodied, yet with quite a soft mouthfeel, there’s gentle lemon citrus and hints of orange and grapefruit on the palate, balanced with biscuity malt. The finish is quite bitter with a lingering citrus note and some sherbet. Hopped with Summit and Pacifica.

Pharmakon (4.7% ABV, cask)
Deep golden with a white head, this brew is really well balanced with a suggestion of honey sweetness. There’s some orange notes in there, too, leading to gentle, bittersweet finish. Very easy drinking. (30-05-2015)

Potion No 9 (4% ABV, cask)
Deep polished gold with a white head, this is a well balanced, flavoursome, easy drinking session bitter. On the palate, there is lemon, a hint of orange, and some grapefruit, with a hint of spice, balanced by gentle biscuit malt in background. Always the first beer to sell out when it makes an appearance at local beer festivals. A beer that generates, and sustains, conversations. (03-08-2017)

Thirty Summit (4.5% ABV, cask)
Deep golden with a white head, this beer features a piney hop and lemon and orange notes, balanced against a biscuit malt background. Thirst-quenching and easy drinking, it has a bitter finish that builds well. (29-08-2016)

Tropicale (4.7% ABV, cask)
Bright golden with a white head, this is one of a number of ‘regular specials’ produced by Penzance. On an early tasting I picked up light tropical fruit notes — pineapple and grapefruit — balanced by biscuity malt. On a later tasting there was a better juicy malt balance, although the tropical flavours were still notable. Nice refreshing pint.

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