Padstow Brewing Co

Kor DorgelPilsner • Pocket RocketSt Tudy Ale

Kor Dorgel (4% ABV, cask)
Deep golden with a white head, the aroma is of lemon and gentle malt. There is resinous hop on the palate, some lemon citrus notes and biscuity malt in the background. Gentle bitterness on the finish sees the lemon re-assert itself. There’s a slightly harsh hop in there, but I really liked the beer, Definitely have another. (25-05-2015)

Pilsner (4.4% ABV)
A lovely, refreshing Pilsner, as good as St Austell Brewery’s Korev or Sharp’s Cornish Pilsner. Very clear, with a good body, it is crisp and hoppy, but with a good accompanying malt depth.

Pocket Rocket (4% ABV)
Padstow Pocket RocketHazy straw with good carbonation and a tight white head. There’s a nice aroma of resinous, juicy, citrus fruit and grapefruit as soon as the beautifully designed can opens, as well as in the glass. It’s a session hop bomb, very American in style, with decent biscuit malt in the background. Good body for its ABV. Really like this. (13-08-2017)

St Tudy Ale (4% ABV, cask)
Made for the St Tudy Inn, North Cornwall, with chef and proprietor Emily Scott playing a part in the brewing process. Copper coloured with an off-white head, the beer has a lot going on considering its ABV. With a full, smooth body date sweetness, rich dried fruit notes, a hint of smokiness and some gentle bitterness from the hops. (27-06-2016)

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