Oakham Ales

Best Friend • Double Hopped Citra IPA • Green Devil IPAInceptionThrill Seeker

Oakham Ales cans

Craftworks: Best Friend (4.2% ABV, can)
Crystal clear pale gold with a voluminous white head. Aroma is very enticing: a little piney with some tart citrus fruit notes. Really flavoursome — quite light in tone, but pretty juicy, with grapefruit and some honeydew melon flavours. The finish is lightly bitter, with some of that citrus flavour hanging on. (25-12-18)

Craftworks: Inception (6% ABV, can)
Deep golden with a foaming white head that lasts well, the aroma is of an American hop store. All the big hitters are here: Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo, Centennial. So the taste comes as no surprise: resinous, piney notes, bold citrus flavours, grapefruit, lemon pith. There’s a lovely, satisfying bitter finish. (11-01-2019)

Craftworks: Thrill Seeker (4.8% ABV, can)
Deep golden with a foaming white head that stays well. A hoppy, gently spicy pale ale, with good resinous notes, light honeydew melon, lychees and a hint of peach, plus some golden syrup sweetness loitering in the background. Very fresh, clean and thirst quenching. Very satisfying bitterness on the finish which draws you back for more. Aroma quite herbal and spicy, with a suggestion of lychee and pear drops. (02-01-2019)

Double Hopped Citra IPA — for M&S (5.9% ABV, bottle)
Had this with my home-made butternut squash curry, which worked really well. A slightly hazy pale golden with a white head, with so much grapefruit on the aroma you almost expect to get a squirt of juice in the eye. The taste is more balanced, with some lovely sponge cake malt flavours giving good body, but the notes of grapefruit, lemon and mango still charge through and lead to a pleasing bittersweet finish. Clean and refreshing, and tasting much lower than its 5.9% ABV. More, please!

Green Devil IPA (6%)
This hoppy delight is a classic for good reason. Fantastically hoppy and pretty damn bitter it has a terrific grassy, resinous hop aroma, with lots of lemon citrus notes on the palate. There’s malt balance, but it’s light and very complementary. If you’ve never tried it, make sure you do soon. (13-01-2016)

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