Left-Handed Giant Brewing

DuetLactose Tolerant, barrel-agedSour PorterUSPA

Duet (4.8% ABV, keg)
Citra and Mandarina Bavaria are the hops in this version of Duet (there are several, with different hop combinations), deep gold / light amber with a white head. With the lilt of a New Zealand-hopped brews, this offers grapefruit, mandarin and fruit salad notes, against a light malt base. A bit tart, and with a hint of sage. The aroma’s grassy and herbal, with a punch of lemon citrus. The finish is tart, with a hint of kiwi on the end. (08-02-2017)

Lactose Tolerant, barrel-aged (5.1% ABV, keg)
Tart fruits and boozy berries made this an instant hit for me. There’s some lactose flavour left from the base brew, but this is mostly about big deep luscious flavours: fruit, tartness, some woodiness and a bit of leather. Would like to meet this one again. (08-02-2017)

Sour Porter (6% ABV, keg)
Brewed in collaboration with Beavertown, this is one of my favourite beers of 2017. Served in small stemmed glass in HAND, Falmouth, during a Left Handed Giant tap takeover, this turned out to be, to my palate, not too sour, but with gorgeous, juicy sour raspberry notes. Deep amber /red in colour, this is an excellent introduction to sour beers that won’t make make you pucker up too much. (08-02-2017)

USPA (5.5% ABV, keg)
One letter away from the title of an American golf major, this light amber pale ale is pretty decent. If I’m being picky, it is a bit thin for its ABV, but with so many hops apparent — the full tropical fruit bowl of mango, pineapple etc — the malt clearly hasn’t had much a look-in. What malt there is has a cereal feel to it, bt it’s really all about the fruity, bitter, slightly sour hops. (08-02-2017)

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