Imported beers


Lager (5% ABV, bottle)
A crisp, clean refreshing lager, with a good balance of flavour, and a little spice kicking in from the hops. There are citrus notes and hints of lemongrass and passionfruit, against quite a cereally malt flavour. Easy drinking and refreshing, with a nice little edge of bitterness on the finish. (04-11-2018)

Sound City (7% ABV, bottle)
Really big, resinous, piney hop notes, with elements of tangerine, mango, lemon pith, kiwi. All sorts! Pretty bitter, and very fresh. Big biscuit malt notes in the background holding it all together. (04-11-2018)

Supernormal (7% ABV, bottle)
Not as bitter as the Sound City (above). Fuller citrus notes, but still plenty of dank hop, too. Good bready malt. Nice mouthfeel. (04-11-2018)


Alpenflo (4.9% ABV, can)
Golden with a white head that stays fairly well. Smells clean and crisp, a little medicinal. That medicinal/herbal note continues on the palate and builds on the finish. It’s curious, but not too off-putting. There are lemon notes in there, too, and a sound biscuit malt base. Pleasant and refreshing, without being moreish. (21-07-2018)

Jammer (4% ABV, can)
Hazy golden with a white head that dies down quickly — good carbonation. Aroma is spicy with the coriander coming through, plus some mustiness. On the palate, light orange notes against biscuit malt, with the spiciness building to the finish. Okay, but not great.


Premium Draught (4% ABV, bottle)
Deep golden with a good white head and rushing carbonation of, interestingly, varied size bubbles. Aroma is clean, fresh and a little sweet. On the palate , maltier than it looks, actually quite well balanced. Light biscuit malt, a little orange zest and some spiciness from the hops. Thirst-quenching and tasty, with a nice gentle bitterness on the end. Nice with a bit of barbecued chicken, I reckon… (17-08-2018)

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