Hop Kettle Brewery

Belgian Pale AleEast StarESBSession PaleSimkoh

Belgian Pale Ale (4.9% ABV, cask)
Belgian yeast gives this amber coloured beer a fruity, sour bite. The beer has a good malt profile and offers orange notes on the palate.

East Star (5.2% ABV, cask)
Hop Kettle East StarWow, that’s a good ESB. There’s a great body with robust bready malt as the backbone. There’s a new world hop taste, with strawberry and lime flavours coming through, but the malt really carries it all along — a big bear hug of a beer with a very satisfying bittersweet finish. (13-01-2018)

ESB (5.3% ABV, cask)
Amber, with an off-white head, this very drinkable brew resinous hop and some caramel malt on the palate, with quite a dry finish. ESB is a style that not enough brewers attempt, in my opinion, and this one is lovely, with a good body and plenty of depth.

Session Pale (4% ABV, cask)
Very refreshing and flavoursome, stone fruit dominates on the palate of this beer. Syrupy sweetness offer balance (in a good way). Mosaic hops provide a big aroma hit giving an essence of what’s to come. (01-07-2015)

Simkoh (4.6% ABV, cask)
This delightfully well balanced, deep golden brew gets its name from the Simcoe and Kohatu hops in the recipe. Both the malt and hop notes and big and robust, but nothing is overpowering. Very resinous hops interact with bready malt but there’s also an underlying spirit note — whisky, maybe? (13-01-2017)