AzimuthInfraredNuclear Sunset

Azimuth (5.8% ABV, bottle)
Hardknott AzimuthPine on the aroma with a promise of mango, this golden beer has a white head that stays fairly well. On the palate, hop bitterness builds with tropical fruit and herbal notes evident, while caramel sweetness provides balance. The finish sees stone fruit vying with the caramel, the sweetness fading first. This has all the complexity and enjoyment one expects from a Hardknott beer. (08-08-2015)

Infrared (6.2% ABV, bottle)
Deep ruby red with a thick, cream coloured head, this is a complex brew that’s well worth your attention. There are grassy hops and red apples on the nose, with the apple continuing in the taste, with a hint of molasses in the malt background. Orange, spice and toffee notes complete the picture. The beer stays in great condition down the glass, with a lovely body that’s smooth and almost creamy. (29-08-15)

Nuclear Sunset (4.7% ABV, bottle)
Hazy straw in colour with a tight white head that stays well, this beer offers tart lemon, clove and banana on the nose. This is an easy-drinking wit beer, with cereal on the mouthfeel, some sourness, herbal notes and lemon curd on the palate. There’s a satisfying dry finish with a hint of sherbet sweetness. (24-08-15)

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