Harbour Brewing Company

2/6 IPA (5.5% ABV, bottle)
The result of Harbour 2016 2/6 Project, which involved a collaboration brew day with five other brewers (Arbor, Beavertown, Cloudwater, Siren and Wild Beer Co), this lovely IPA is pale gold with a white head. The aroma is grassy with lemon pith and lychee. On the palate, light malt acts as a base for resinous, herbal, spicy hop notes, with tropical fruit and lychee adding depth. It’s fresh and crisp with a pleasing hop dankness on the end. It is dry hopped with Amarillo, Motueka and Citra. (27-11-2016)

3/9 Sour IPA (6% ABV, can)
Bright, polished golden, with a white head, this is one of three beers from the 2017 3/9 collaboration project at Harbour. The aroma is of very fresh citrus with floral notes, like rose petals. On the palate, the sourness takes a millisecond to establish itself, astride a light bready malt base. The piquancy has notes of mandarin and rose water. The finish sees the sourness carry through then meet hop bitterness that stays well. Really like this and would love to see it brewed again. (13-09-2017)

American Pale (5.5% ABV, bottle, for M&S)
I’m told by those in the know (and who can afford it) that Marks & Spencer fashion ain’t what it used to be. That’s as may be, but they can’t half pick good beers. It’s difficult to find a dud among their line-up and this American Pale, from my friends up the county at Harbour Brewing Co, is a corker. Deep golden with a tight white head that stays impressively well, this is packed with juicy American hops, all stone fruit, citrus pith and fruit tree blossom. It’s got an impressively robust body and satisfying bitterness that’s going to send you back to the Smeg for more. (Or old rheumatic LG, in our case. Still, it does the job.) (22-08-2018)

American Rye (4.9% ABV, cask)
The rye works well to give and edge to this lovely pale ale. Mango and lychee come through from the hops, while the elegant malt background offers shortbread biscuit notes. (16-09-2015)

Antipodean IPA (5.5% ABV, can)
Harbour Antipodean IPAOff of Harbour’s new in-house canning line comes this flavoursome, quenching southern hemisphere hopped IPA. A big, resinous, stone fruit aroma leads to a palate of peach, mango and grapefruit, with some slight honey sweetness coming through on an otherwise dry finish.

Bodmin Pale Ale (6% ABV, cask)
After a stunning resinous hop aroma, orange citrus comes through on the palate. A good malt profile adds to a full mouthfeel then there’s bitterness from a very satisfying finish that’s going to send you straight back to the bar for another. (30-05-2015)

Cornish Bitter (4% ABV, bottle)
So, one of the first beers former Sharp’s head brewer Stuart Howe creates when arriving at Harbour is a 4% ABV brown session bitter. Goodness knows where the idea for this came from. Seriously, though, this is a great twist on a traditional West Country bitter. It’s a fruity number, with lime on the nose then berries – blueberries, to me – on the palate. The bittersweet, fruity finish is quenching and really leaves you wanting another. This is out in cask, but is also heading upcountry in 330ml bottles and proving very popular in London restaurants, apparently. Would be nice to see it adding some variety on Cornish pubs bars. (20-02-17)

Double IPA #7 (7.3% ABV)
If you’re going to do a double IPA, don’t mess around. Harbour haven’t. Deep golden, slightly amber even, with a white head, this has big, punchy, herbal hop notes on the aroma. On the palate it’s quite spicy and dry, with a little tartness and some orange pith notes. Some pepperiness comes through on the finish. (30-09-2015)

Harlyn Bay (5.6% ABV, cask)
A fabulius stronger golden bitter, crystal clear in the glass, with a white head. Resinous, fruity (tropical fruit, melon, peach notes) work in beautiful harmony with madeira-cake flavour malt. There’s a good bitter finish to send you back for more. (02-07-2019)

Light Ale #2 (5.2% ABV, cask)
Deep gold with a white head, this brew has big flavours of grapefruit. Light citrus notes are in there, too, with some shortbread biscuit from the malt. Very drinkable indeed. (09-10-2016)

Longrock (3.8% ABV, cask)
A light amber session bitter with a lovely fresh, floral hop note. There’s rich biscuit malt in the background. A modern twist on a traditional style. (18-04-2019)

Pale Ale (6% ABV)
Dried apricot comes through on this amber ale with an off-white head. A fruity, peppery hop aroma turns to a full-on apricot zing on the palate, countered with a little biscuity malt. This pale ale packs a good flavour punch. One for a third or half, in my book.

Red and White (5.5% ABV)
Proper deep red with an off-white / cream head, this is a cheering beer on a grey day, supped in Hub on The Wharf in St Ives. The aroma is dank, a little sour, with some burnt toffee going on. On the palate, red apple and tart berry fruit, against treacle toffee sweetness, with some bubblegum, too. The finish is tart to start with, then sweetness creeps in. Belgian yeast in the recipe. (07-01-2017)

South Shore (3.8% ABV, cask)
This bright golden beer, with a white head, has bags of flavour for its ABV. There’s a big hit of resinous, grassy hops on the front, with some grapefruit and orange, biscuit malt tagging along in a very much supporting role. It dries out on the finish. An utterly delightful session beer. (2018)

Tropical Cyclone IPA (5% ABV)
Big tropical fruit flavours — mango and papaya — on this hazy gold brew, with a white head. Punchy fruit, not too bitter, but some resinous hop. (2018)

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