Hammerton Brewery

N7 IPA (5.2% ABV, cask)
A well balanced, full-bodied IPA. Piney and resinous, it has tangerine fruit notes and light, bready balancing malt. Lovely bitterness on the finish. (2017)

Pentonville (5.3% ABV, cask)
A really flavoursome oyster stout that tastes stronger than it is. Rich, treacly, toasty malts, with a piquant, slightly cherry edge. A bit woody, too. (2017)

Underback (6% ABV, cask)
A juicy, hazy amber IPA. Well balanced with ribust bitterness, bursting with citrus orange, mango and a hint of lime, with some biscuit malt balance. Really good. (2017)

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