Goddards Brewery

Botanic LagerBotanic Pale Ale

Botanic Lager (4.8%, bottle)
Bright golden with a light carbonation and a white head that dies down quite rapidly. Doesn’t smell of too much, but there are some herbal notes there. The taste is very much of hedgerow hop, herbal and a little spicy, with some light bready malt in support, then the eucalyptus, which has been added to the brew, glides in delightfully at the end to offer an unusual, but very pleasant almost minty finish. Well worth trying. (17-08-2017)

Botanic Pale Ale 2016 (7.5% ABV, bottle)
Golden amber with a white head, the beer has an aroma of grassy, herbal hops with a little orange pith. On the palate, it’s quite bitter, yet easy drinking, with big resinous notes from the hops, hints of orange and light lemon citrus, with a big, juicy malt backbone. Bitterness builds on the finish and leaves you wanting more. Exceptionally well balanced, it drinks a little too easily for its ABV. The hops are grown in Ventnor Botanic Garden.

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