Electric Bear Brewing Co

DropHeisenberg’s Double DecoctionMochachocalata Ya Ya! • Samurye

Drop (4.3% ABV, cask)
A beautiful looking red ale with a beige head that laces brilliantly. The aroma is red apples and caramel leading on to a malty, slightly rye palate, with apple, light dried fruit and a hint of stone fruit. On great form in the Pilchard Press, St Ives. (15-04-2017)

Heisenberg’s Double Decoction (9.1% ABV, cask)
This brings back happy memories of a tasting evening in The Front, in Falmouth, where this was on tap. I’ve since had it in bottle as well, but the draught version is slightly better. The aroma is warming, malty and smokey, with a hint of amaretto. On the palate there’s an interplay of spicy apples and orange citrus, all leading to a lasting, warming finish and little stickiness on the lips. It’s billed as a doppelbock, but seemed more like a barley wine — a very fine barley wine — to me. (10-09-2016)

Mochachocolata Ya Ya! (5%, bottle)
There’s coconut and cocoa powder on the aroma of this dark, roasty brew, with a disappointingly thin body. Milk chocolate and lactose dominate the sweet palate. (10-09-2016)

Samurye (5.6%, cask)
Sorachi Ace hops and rye and among the ingredients here, hence the Japanese-sounding name. The beer pours a slightly hazy pale yellow with a white head. Wow. It’s aromatic, slightly spicy, camomile and mint tea, with some lemon curd notes. A bit of tartness, too, and some tea notes. Very light and refreshing, and ideal summer drinking. (13-01-2016)

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