Edinburgh Beer Factory

Paolozzi (5.2% ABV, bottle)
Lager, lager, lager, lager, as someone once said. In Britain we’ve spent many years bludgeoning it to death in the belief that it’s the Devil’s work. The word’s often used in a prejudicial way, such as preceding the word ‘lout’. But lager is just another word for beer, not even a particular style of beer, more a method of production. It means ‘to store’ in German and is where we get our word ‘larder’ from.

Edinburgh Beer Factory PaolozziAnd now, the craft beer revolution, whatever that may be, brings us not only good lager from around the world, but great brews from the UK, too. Among these comes Paolozzi, from the young Edinburgh Beer Factory. Scots-Italian Eduardo Paolozzi was the Edinburgh-born inventor of Pop Art, and the Beer Factory’s muse. His eclectic and collaborative approach, international outlook and fascination with combining art and science sum up what the EBF team are all about. Read more about the story behind the brewery here.

I was sent three bottles of the Paolozzi lager, along with one of Edinburgh Beer Factory’s very fine half-pint glasses. The beer is a very light straw colour, with good levels of carbonation. Brewed in the Helles style, it is very refreshing, with slightly spicy, slightly herbal hop notes, with cereally malt in the background. I’d go back for another.

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