Dynamite Valley Brewing Co

Black Charge • Gold Rush • Mockabilly Mocha Porter • TNT IPA

Black Charge (5% ABV, bottle)
From its beautifully wrapped bottle, it pours very dark, almost black, with some jewel-like ruby red colour coming through when it’s held up to the light. It’s been in the bottle some time and poured with a big, thick foaming beige head that’s in no hurry to die down. On the nose, it’s musty, woody, a bit leathery. There’s a note of chocolate-dusted truffle. I take a sip — it’s creamy smooth, chocolate and vanilla to start with, espresso coffee coming in on the finish. This is utterly glorious. It’s a beer to lose yourself in. I think I’ve benefited from leaving it in a dark cupboard for three months or so. (30-01-2018)

Gold Rush (4% ABV, bottle)
Dynamite Valley bottlesDeep golden, clear and polished, with good carbonation, this beer — once the bottle is unwrapped from its brilliant all-over label — has grassy hop and biscuit caramel on the aroma. On the palate, lemon pith and hints of blood orange are teamed with light caramel malt and there is a cereally mouthfeel, thanks to wheat in the mash. Nice bitterness on the finish of this very drinkable brew. (11-09-2017)

Mockabilly Mocha Porter (5.5% ABV, bottle)
Hazy dark red / black with a beige head, this beer was a bit flat, but I can forgive that somewhat because of the good flavour. You get the Mocha flavour coming through, then there’s dark fruit notes in the background. (15-02-2016)

TNT IPA (4.8% ABV, bottle)
Deep golden with a thick, tight, white head and a good rush of carbonation. The aroma is quite herbal, a little dank, with an edge of hop fragrance. On the palate, the hops are fruity, with notes of blood orange and strawberry, and there’s robust biscuit malt to balance with a hint of chocolate detectable (by me). There’s not a huge hit of bitterness, but a gentle edge comes through on the finish. Easy drinking and refreshing. (16-09-2017)

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