Dowr Kammel Brewery

Dowr Kammel Tripel

Tripel Cornish Barrel (10% ABV, bottle)
Pours straw colour with a rushing carbonation that’s really loud in the glass. I’ve seen less lively sparkling wines! There’s a big thick white head that, unsurprisingly, stays well. On the nose there is spice, a hint of banana and some candy sugar. It’s definitely over-carbonated, but experience will put that right. The flavour, though, is very continental, spicy and herbal, with the candy sweetness coming through and building to a delicate bittersweet finish. The beer is quite young, although it has had at least 12 weeks in bottle. It will be interesting to see what happens as the bottles get older and whether more depth of flavour develops. At the moment it seems much lighter than its 10% ABV, although there is a certain alcoholic warmth at the top of the chest. It’s a decent first try at a Belgian style brew.

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