Butcombe Brewery

InvaderForty Two

Invader (6% ABV, can)
Butcombe InvaderThis beer is a bright copper / red colour with a thick, foaming head, although this dies down quite quickly. The aroma is rich malt, bready, with suggestions of orange peel and green apple. On the palate there’s blackberry and apple with some biscuit malt and Demerara sugar sweetness. A bit too much sweetness for me, a bit sickly. (17-07-2017)

Forty Two (4.2% ABV, can)
Very dark red with a huge, creamy, beige head, this smells instantly of American ‘C’ hops — really nice and fresh. There are good hop notes on the palate — resinous and citrus fruity — with hints of coffee, from the malt, lurking in the background. This is pretty good indeed, very drinkable and packed with flavour. The bitter finish has a good bite and hop notes tingle on the end. (17-07-2017)

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