Brew By Numbers

01-10 Saison • 10-09 Coffee Porter • 14-04 Tripel Hallertau Blanc

01-10 Saison (5.5%)
This pours pale yellow with a white head … and you can smell the impending sourness. On the palate, however, there’s relatively gentle lemon sourness. Sherbet lemon lingers on the finish. Really refreshing and a good way to start a session. (20-02-2016)

10-09 Coffee Porter (6% ABV)
Oh, everything done with so much subtlety and so well. The aroma is of coffee and very light caramel. There’s a malty, slightly fruity base, with the coffee bitterness assertive, but just the right touch. The coffee notes build to a bitter finish. In a half-pint measure, it’s almost reminiscent of a large liquer coffee. (2017)

14-04 Tripel Hallertau Blanc (8.5% ABV, bottle)
Light golden with a thick, tight white head and rushing carbonation. The aroma is of tart lemon, herbs and spice. On the palate, very much the love child of a Belgian tripel and a German wheat beer, with spicy notes, hints of banana and some warming alcohol. The body’s not too robust, but this is a lovely beer. Fragrant and light on the tongue, almost perfumed. An interesting experience — in a good way! (30-08-2017)

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