Black Tor Brewery

Devonshire Pale Ale • Pride of DartmoorNew Zealand IPA

Devonshire Pale Ale (4.5%, bottle)
Nothing too complicated about this. A well-balanced bitter, golden in colour, with wheat in the recipe aiding head retention. On the nose, it’s quite malty, with a little bit of a diacytol note. Zesty, lemon citrus hops build on the palate, pushing bready malt into the background. A decent bitter and thirst quencher. (05-01-2018)

Pride of Dartmoor (4% ABV, bottle)
Deep amber with a very slightly off-white head, this is a good session bitter, malt-led with caramel and bready flavours. Hops come in on the finish, very light, quite floral. On the nose, it’s pretty much malt all the way, with a hint of a Belgian style candy sweetness. A ‘put the world to rights with a pint in the public bar’ pint. (04-02-2018)

New Zealand IPA (5%, bottle)
Bright golden with good carbonation and a white head that stays very well. Aroma of light, delicate floral hops with some very light candy-type sweetness in the background. Very inviting. On the palate, the hops are more resinous than I was expecting, but quickly develop into tropical fruit notes of mango and pineapple, but good malt flavours — bready with delicate light brown sugar — stop the hops running out of control. There is Munich malt as well as good old trusted Maris Otter, the former known for its ability to keep lively hops in order. This is very well done and utterly delightful. Highly recommended.

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